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February 16, 2017    &nbspBy : LTP Team

HDFC has announced the winners of the 2nd Digital Innovation Summit. Here are the winners: is a chat based bot that lets users order anything through a chat interface. The startup utilizes natural language processing and machine learning technologies interact with customers. Niki  helps the user to ‘chat’ for various services across industries such as travel, entertainment, food, home services, utilities, and mobile-services.

Tag8 is India’s first comprehensive lost-and-found service. tag8’s technology-enabled tagging harnesses the power of internet, mobile application, tracking technology, digital maps and reward programmes to make ownership of assets secure and efficient. Using this platform, the company has developed solutions for facilitating tracking and returning lost valuables, enabling warranty management and undertaking asset and resource management.

Paykey is a social Fintech company that enables banks to provide their users with peer to peer payment options through any social and messaging platform. PayKey’s mobile keyboard app bridges the gap between bank applications and social networks, making everyday banking easier and more efficient.

Absentia is working on augmented reality technology and virtual reality. They have recently launched a virtual headgear for 360 degree vision and complete 3D immersion.

Nextgen Telesolutions is developing solutions around payments and retailing, integrating mobile technology as a technology platform to enable a cross integration between the two and digitizing and bridging the technology gap in secure banking, wallets.,Enabling secure contactless payments on any mobile device

HDFC Announces Winners of 2nd Digital Innovation Summit

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