Blockchain Explorers Are Becoming the ‘Majority,’ IBM Finds | Bank Innovation

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Blockchain experimentation is becoming the norm.

Just about 33%–or a third—of organizations are “actively engaged with” (or at least considering) blockchain technologies, according to the study on blockchain exploration released today by IBM.

From the report:

Of particular interest in this study are those organizations that are already experimenting with, piloting or implementing blockchains — we call them the Explorers.

In banking and financial markets for example, the Explorers alone already make up one-third of those considering or actively engaged with blockchains. This suggests a steady growth in blockchain activity in industries early out of the gate.

Moreover, the majority of these “explorer” executives (8 out of 10) are actively looking for ways these blockchain technologies can create new business models, according to the study, which surveyed about 3,000 executives.

Most respondents also agreed that blockchain will transform enterprise solutions, such as money transactions, by improving speed, data quality, security, and reducing costs, the study found.

The full study may be found here.

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