PSD2, Open Banking, APIs the the customer

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Hamish Thomas, Partner, EMEIA Payments Leader, EY, talks about PSD2, Open Banking and the wider impact banks have to provide and share customer information with third-party services providers through API networks. How banks share data and yet control and protect it to conform to security and regulation is a challenge. They need to look at this holistically to meet their obligations.

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Mark Santall
Mark Santall – Open Banking Limited – London | 20 June, 2017, 17:08

An excellent piece on the benefits and challenges facing the industry and its customers (consumers and corporates).
From an Open Banking Implementation Entity position, the key points that Hamish has called out, are exactly what we are tackling (aside from the technical requirements ofcourse) and have in our plan to help deliver. We need the help of everyone to ensure that Open Banking is a success.

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