+500 Deals Already Funded via New Alt Investment Portal Yieldport | Bank Innovation

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Yieldport.com, a newly launched alternative investment community and portal, seems to have already facilitated the funding of more than 500 deals.

The Amsterdam-based site, which officially opened today, currently lists more than 2,000 investments, including a fixed income note paying 10.25% and 7.8% of equity in MeineSpielzeugkiste, a platform for sharing children’s toys. Several investments focus on the fintech sector.

Yieldport is listing so many deals by aggregating offers from other crowdfunding platforms, such as Companisto, PrexemHousersSeedrs and Crowdcube. Deals from around 16 such platforms are available on Yieldport today.

This all points to the vibrancy of alternative investing that seemingly continues to advance. An entire digital ecosystem has developed that facilitates diverse commercial funding. If this ecosystem doesn’t threaten traditional investment banking today, it should soon.

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